How Drinking Beer and Eating Unhealthy Food Can Induce Gynecomastia

Beer and man boobs connection

Man boobs is a vernacular term for gynecomastia. This is where a man or a boy experiences the growth of their breasts.

The fat accumulates and they develop into fuller breasts almost resembling that of a woman. This condition is caused by a hormonal imbalance.

When a man drinks lots of beer, the hops in the beer contains estrogen. The estrogen can accumulate in his body and create an imbalance with the male hormone testosterone.

When this happens, the breasts can be impacted by becoming fatter and fuller. Essentially, drinking too much beer can give a man moobs or man boobs.

There usually is not a serious need to get surgery or any other medical treatment for mild cases of gynecomastia. A change in diet can help improve the condition.

Beer contains lots of calories, about 150 in one average bottle. Although it does not contain fat, the calories in the beer, especially when consumed one after another, will cause weight gain. This also contributes to gynecomastia.

If the man stops drinking beer and starts dieting and exercising, this is usually enough to reverse the condition. If the problem is accompanied by pain, discharge or swelling, and it does not respond to dieting, surgery is an option that is available.

People tend to think that estrogen is found only in the female body. It is also produced in the male body just as testosterone is in females. The estrogen dominates females while the testosterone dominates males.

When there is an imbalance the traits of the opposite sex tend to appear. With females, too much testosterone may result in more body hair and a deeper voice. With males, too much estrogen will result in more fat around areas such as the chest.

Babies can be born with gynecomastia. However, this usually disappears a few weeks after they are born. It can occur in boys during puberty.

This also can go away on its own within about six months to a few years. If it is particularly embarrassing, surgery is available.

Older men between 50 and 69 can also be susceptible to the condition. This is true whether or not they drink beer. The condition is also one that can clear up by itself.

One way to avoid man boobs is to stop drinking lots of beer. Eat a healthy diet with vegetables, fruit and drink lots of water.

However, if you already developed your man boobs you need to find a ways to remove or diminish them. Take a look at this article about the effective use of gyno medications for men suffering from this condition.