Treating Children & Pets With Holistic Cannabidiol Medicines

The cannabidiol industry is a big business that is not showing any sign of slow-down.

By 2018, this sector is projected to be worth over $10 billion. And one of the fastest growing aspects of the industry are the children and pets. That’s right. This holistic medicine shares a massive benefit among pets and children.


Cannabidiol is the solution to chronic illness and many severe conditions for pets. Over the years, CBD oil has been a cure for chronic pain in pets. This male hemp plant that contains no THC is also a relief option for pets suffering from the below conditions:

· Anxiety

· Aggression

· Appetite

Chronic pain (known primary use)

· Arthritis

· Muscle spasms

· Heart murmurs

· Certain neurological disorders

· Nausea and vomiting

· Seizures

· Weight management

· Certain skin conditions in pets



Cbd oil is a proven solution to epilepsy in children. A recent survey of children suffering from Dravet Syndrome was taken. The study showed that family’s with epileptic children that purchase CBD oil for epilepsy experienced an 80% reduction in seizures. Furthermore, none of the parents of the children complained of any side effect.

Dravet syndrome is a life-threatening type of epilepsy that occurs during the child’s first year of life. Frequent and prolonged seizure weakens children with the Dravet syndrome. This deadly disease can cause stunted growth, delayed development, and chronic infection. In fact, the neurological damage caused by this virus could lead to death.

There was also a study conducted by the American Epilepsy Society. The detailed study involved over 261 people, with most of them children. These people were already diagnosed with severe epilepsy. Unfortunately, none of them were responding well to their current prescription treatments. The participants then took cannabidiol for three months. The results were astounding with over 50 percent of these people experienced 50% reduction in epilepsy. Only a few of them suffered little side effects such as increased appetite and dry mouth.



A touching case of a child that benefited from this holistic medicine is Charlotte. For years, she was suffering from Dravet syndrome. Her case was severe to the extent that she couldn’t walk, talk or feed herself.

Frustrated and not knowing how to help her daughter the mother met with the Stanley brothers who suggested for Charlotte to try a new strain of cannabis with high CBD and low THC. Charlotte then started to take a dose of oil from this strain twice in a day. Her documented results speak for themselves, since taking the cbd treatemnt she can now walk, talk, and feed herself.