Facts about military diet – How to use it for the best results

Military diet plan

Military diet is one kind of diet that is known to be very effective. It is also called the three-day diet, apparently planned by nutritionists in the US army, promising to help you lose up to 10 pounds in a week. You have gone through a portion of the diet charts that are incorporated into the military diet, yet there are some of the things are indeed confusing for you.

Below are a few facts about the military diet plan that you should know before you start thinking about using the military diet. The main set will state you the details of the military dieting practice and the second set will narrate to you a portion of the features that are not regularly said.

· This special diet is a one-week plan of dieting, where you will discover two parts. The first half is for only a maximum of three days, where you will control the calorie intake gradually and the second part is the four-day procedure where you will keep up a calorie record intake for yourself.

· The diet plan is so much effective that you may lose 10 lbs in only one week. All of the above things considered, this diet plan is expected to be the best way ever to lose weight.

· The calorie intake, as indicated by this diet chart, begins with 1400 calories and it may go till 1100 calories. This is to be practiced in the initial three days, which is to be kept up for the rest four days. This one week time can be immensely useful for you, and the outcome is even past your imagination.

How to use military diet plan· The primary thing is that you can have tea or coffee for the same number of times you need and you feel. The main thing that you should take care is the nonappearance of sugar in them. If you don’t add sugar to it, then you will add no calorie to the whole stuff.

· You should practice drinking as much water as you can, during this duration. Water is not among the food stuff. So you aren’t adding any calorie to the menu of yours. Water is essential for the body when you are keeping up a particular diet. So have plenty of water amid this time.

· The final thing that you should keep up here is the food habit of the rest four days. These four days, you are going to eat healthily, yet while doing that never acknowledge foods that will cross 1400 calorie of food for you.

· Finally, you should keep in mind that while keeping up the military diet, you should not eat any foods in the middle of breakfast, lunch or even dinner. You should overcome just these three meals, and that’s it.


When you keep up a diet chart that is as per the military kind of dieting, you will secure the issue that you will lose no less than 10 lbs in a week. Therefore this is viewed as the best diet chart that you can discover among every one of the nutritionists.